Gimingo - Clothing Design

A creature comprised of two separate beings with a similar attribute. Using the neck as a transitional point, the original artwork breathes life as it appears a possibility. Purposefully placed in a non traditional area, the graphic serves as a pleasant surprise.


Onesies - Clothing Design

An artistic imagining of a child's lineage-inspired appearance and a dynamic typographic display of a chosen name. Custom baby attire is designed with close attention paid to family hobbies and practices.


Dah Shop - Clothing Design

The brand's identity, emblazoned in a dominant position, leaves little doubt as to the marketing intent of the gender neutral apparel. Featuring both the primary logo and more evolved versions, bmx culture remains a mainstay, retaining clientele focus.

Passion Is Alive - Clothing Design

Branding and design for a charitable foundation to aid and support at risk youth in the Boston area. Designing in tandem with individuals within the criminal justice system, we created a identity they can be proud of.