Brown/Schubert Wedding - Print

A vibrantly colored illustration is framed by bold typography which directs guests to important sites and locations. Accurate depictions of the wedding participants immediately greet the viewer, creating an original, but familiar image.


Brown/Schubert Wedding - Print

For the official invitation a more traditional approach is undertaken. A monochromatic display of roses, whimsical swirls and serif and script typefaces, are hand letterpressed to set the stage for a day to remember.


Brown/Schubert Wedding - UX Design

As is the case with any wedding there is much data to be presented to the traveling guest. A straightforward, single page site is created to serve as the home of pertinent information and travel and gift details.
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Brown/Schubert Wedding - Illustration

At the reception, an art gallery awaited attending guests. A collection of imaginings of the bride and groom in various realistic and outlandish scenarios. As avid fans of all things zombie related, the visual simulation of the couple as the undead was unavoidable.


Brown/Schubert Wedding - Illustration

Here the couple are featured as members of their favorite sports franchise. One of their least favorite players is also shown, though in a less than flattering light.


Brown/Schubert Wedding - Illustration

The groom, a lifelong comic book reader, desired that the two be shown larger than life. The spotlight shown upon them as a duo rather than individuals, creative licenses were warranted to exaggerate and stretch realistic proportions.


Brown/Schubert Wedding - Illustration

Leaders of an active lifestyle, multiple images displaying the bride and groom engaging in feats of athleticism were deemed mandatory. Here, the two again work as a team, lending further weight to the purpose of the celebration.


Brown/Schubert Wedding - Illustration

Though not in attendance, the couple's dog was an unofficial member of the marital union. If his physical presence was not possible, it was nothing less than a requirement that his graphical representation be recognized.