Vantage Point Studio - UX Design

Vantage Point Studio is an international interior design and architectural brokerage firm. With a stunning portfolio and a myriad of providable services, a visually stunning, responsive, corporate website is their home.
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Vantage Point Studio - UX Design

The design allows the strong visuals to speak for themselves, while subtly provided the necessary details and functionality.


Vantage Point Studio - UX Design

Bold colors pop against vibrant photography, framing the environment. The clean lines mirror the elegant pieces.


Vantage Point Studio - UX Design (Mobile)

The experience seamlessly transfers to a mobile environment. The responsive build flows neatly and efficiently across smaller resolutions.


Vantage Point Studio - Branding

A minimalist, typographic logo is used for primary branding. It's direct presence remains visible and recognizable, but never distracting. A more graphical secondary logo is used when a more dynamic feel is required.


Vantage Point Studio - Marketing

The primary and secondary branding remain in the forefront, serving as anchors for all collateral and products.


Vantage Point Studio - Marketing

The style remains consistent within printed materials, allowing the visuals to speak for themselves and framing them with color and bold type.




Vantage Point Studio - Digital Marketing

For a projected presentation, the visuals extend to the viewer on a larger scale. Accompanied by original copy the client is presented with a purposeful display.