Cardly Mobile App - Branding

App design for the subscription custom greeting card service.

A subtle color hue and a bold image with exaggerated script, suggest a hip, modern sense of design and interface. The lyrically scripted “C” is a subtle note of the customization feature so prevalently utilized within the company and app.

Cardly is named for one simple reason, the app and the company sell and customize cards. While the “ly” naming convention may be approaching critical mass, the usage is surprisingly appropriate here. In a world of depleted copyright resources, creativity, or in this case familiarity, ring true. 

Just Kidding Mobile App - UX Design User Flow

A detailed work flow depicting how the App is interfaced with, guides and directs users through features to clearly delineate design practices.

Just Kidding Mobile App - UX Design Prototype

Functional prototype allowing users to easily upload their contacts and quickly begin sending customized seasonal and event based greeting cards, with their own personalization. The interface allows users to set alerts for birthdays, anniversaries etc. or to simply auto send to specified contacts on selected dates. Users may supply their own internal writing, or opt for standard text. The subscription service allows for a chosen number of cards to be sent per month.