Flashback Screening Services - UX Design

Flashback Screening Services is a Portland Oregon based company specializing in the investigation and research for various criminal and occupational industries. A prominent image overlaid upon a murkier backdrop suggests the concept of clarity within confusion. The information is delivered clearly and easily, the one page, responsive site allows visitors to quickly understand the company and get in touch.
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Flashback Screening Services - Mobile

The minimalist format lends itself perfectly to a mobile landscape. The information responds to the user and the overall experience is maintained.


Flashback Screening Servies - Branding

Strong, purposefully placed type framed by a contrasting border create a minimalist, bold corporate identity. The selected colors reflect one another, as does the font usage.


Flashback Screening Servies - Print

The clean. minimalist approach continues to the corporations business cards. The important information is presented evenly and appropriately.