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A series of original illustrations depicting the happy couple in various styles as well as situations, many of which reflect the couple's hobbies and interests.. The series was featured as an art gallery for all of the guests to view during the wedding celebration.

Drapery Guideline book
A series of original drawings and three dimensional renderings featured in a drapery guideline book sold at home improvement retailers including the Home Depot. The illustrations demonstrate differing methods of using drapes to decorate your home.

A series centered around the villain from the movie Commando and his imagined exploits as he hunts down a poor unfortunate boy. Bennett is shown in numerous situations and in many different roles, usually revolving around a play on his name.

Movie Posters
A series of original posters depicting various movie heroes. A clean, two tone design is the method of choice for depicting the light and dark sides of the characters. The style presents a bold visual image that has an attention-grabbing effect.

Valentine's Day Hippo Comic
An original comic book written and illustrated that details the exploits of a hippo as he searches for flowers on Valentine's day. Many of the characters within are the recipient's favorite television characters as well as the recipient's dog.

Off Court Issues Players
A series of illustrations of current NBA players as they may appear during a moment of particular intensity. They are meant to be able to stand alone or also as a group. All together, these are a part of the original design for

An original illustration featured on t-shirts. The concept is simple, a giraffe mixed with a flamingo. Although both animals are very different, they do share one distinguishing characteristic, a long neck that is the device for combining the two animals.
Celtics New Big 3
An original illustration of the Boston Celtic's new big three, as comprised in 2008. The illustration features the players at different moments of intensity and composure. The color scheme is centered around the traditional colors of the NBA franchise.
Dallas Sports Heroes
An original illustration featuring three players from the NBA, MLB, and NFL, all of whom are stars in the Dallas, Texas, area. The illustration is designed to be a strong visual when placed upon a wide variety of clothing for both women and children.
Optimus Prime
An original illustration of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots and main character of the Transformers series of cartoons, toys and movies. The image is designed to present a bold, central visual that is used in posters and also various clothing.
Clip Art
A few featured samples of original illustrations that are a part of a vast library of high end clip-art. This clip-art has been designed to be presented in any media type at any size, all while remaining its high level of detail. It has been used in both print and web formats.